Intuition Development

There are plenty of ways to listen to our intuition.

1] You can hear your inner voice through meditation.

2] Through journalling.

3] Through brainstorming.

Today we are going to discuss the easiest way to listen to intuition:

The steps to it are as follows:

1] Ask a question to yourself or others.

2] Think hard about the answer.

3]when you cannot find the answer. say ” I do not know:”

4] By the time you say I do not know you will get an answer.

Now you have a clear understanding of how to move forward by analyzing the answers you get from the exercise. I recommend going with an answer from the heart. sometimes with the gut as this is where the intuition originates.


By aligning your head, your heart, and your gut you avoid internal conflict which in psychology is called” cognitive dissonance ”. It is characterized by the state of having ideas, beliefs, or behavior contradict each other.

Internal conflict rise when you face opposing demands, needs, choices, ethics, and morals. You feel the discomfort usually in your chest[ heart], in your stomach

[ gut], and you try to avoid thinking about [ head].

Tell us in the comments below how cognitive dissonance has led you to failure and what have you done to overcome it.

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